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Focus on Software

Our Directors have more than 12 years experience of setting up and managing a European office for a market leading photonics design software company, and previous experience in many other software design and simulation tools. Consequently, Focused Enterprises is proud to be associated with World leading, innovative companies:

PhoeniX BV - market leaders in design and manufacturing automation software and process design kits for the photonics industry.

Simphotek - producers of innovative simulation and design software tools for modelling active photonics media.

Chip and Mask layout
Laser and optical amplifier material design
Integrated photonics simulations
Light-based medical therapeutics
Process flow visualization
Optical limiters
Integration with third party tools
Fluorescence probes
Process Design Kits (PDK's)
Laser biomedical interactions
Wafer tracking
Quantum dot design and simulation
Cleanroom automation and management
Photonics detectors

For more information or to arrange a demonstration or evaluation of this innovative software, email us on info@focusedenterprises.co.uk

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