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Focused Enterprises works alongside a number of spectroscopic instrumentation and accessory manufacturers. We are able to arrange demonstrations and conduct sample analysis and will work alongside with you to find the best solution.

FluroSENS photon counting fluourimeter

  • Photon counting sensitivity
  • Excellent water Raman signal to noise ratio
  • Steady state and time resolved measurements
  • Unique simultaneous measurement of transmission and excitation
  • Powerful software

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Spectroscopic Accessories

Light sources

  • Tuneable light sources
  • Integrated refocusing mirrors
  • stabilized power supplies


  • Custom designs
  • OEM solutions
  • wide range of sources and detectors

UV Measurement

  • Solar blind sensors
  • TOCON hybrid UV sensors
  • UV probes
  • Digital sensors
  • UV dataloggers
  • UV-VIS spectrometers
  • UV lamps
  • SiC photodiodes


IR sources and detectors

  • IR LED's
  • Broadband IR sources
  • Pulsed sources
  • Lithium Tantalate single element and arrays
  • PbS abnd PbSe detectors to 2.9 microns

Gas Cells

  • Herriott type absorption cells
  • Multipass optical path of 30m
  • Standard and high pressure variants
  • Spectroscopic reference cells
  • AR coated, Pyrex or Quartz variants
  • Rb and isotopes, Cs, K, Na, I available


For further details contact us on info@focusedenterprises.co.uk or Telphone +44 (0)7964 139250


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